Cracovia Soccer Club

The Cracovia Club (Inc.) was founded in 1950 as a Polish Soccer Club, but over the years it has evolved into a very strong community centre that provides recreational, cultural and sporting opportunities not only for the Polish community, but also the local community.

In 2011 the Cracovia Soccer club re-structured its Soccer Committee by appointing Marek and Wally S in charge of the Committee and John Sabetta as Head Coach. Other committee members included Stephen Mordue, Anthony Pullella, Nat Wemyss, Maurice Falcone, and Alan Bassett.

Since the restructure the Soccer has had some fantastic results both on and off the field.


In 2011 over 50 new Soccer members / players were introduced to the club to play in the Amateurs div 5 league and Socials north division 2. During 2011 the Cracovia Soccer Committee signed 5 new sponsors to the club which helped with 3 New Home and away Soccer strips and equipment. The Sponsors and club were rewarded for their excellent support with the Cracovia Socials WINNING the North Division 2 league as well as the Amateurs winning The Sunday league Division 5. Both teams received promotions into higher Divisions.  The Presentation night was a huge event.

During seasons 2012 and 2013 the Soccer committee and players have worked hard to advertise the Cracovia Clubs new culture and attract new players from all different nationalities. The club has become a very multicultural club with players from all parts of the globe.

The clubs has continued to sign new sponsors that have provided all players with Club polo shirts, Bags, Jumpers and new equipment.  During the season 2013 the Amateurs placed third and received promotion into division 3.

2014 has seen the Cracovia Soccer team’s start preseason training in January to prepare for division 3. There has been over 25 new players join the club as well as Mick Heggs returning to Coach the reserves. Eugene has joined the Committee with Mick Heggs, Daniel Jones and Zenawi.

The season’s first home game is at CRACOVIA on the 13th April 2014. The Socials kick off first at 11am followed by Reserves at 12.45 then the main game at 3pm. For those wishing to follow the progress of the teams during the season they can check the Soccer website

Join the Cracovia Soccer Club

Any players wanting to come down and join the Cracovia Soccer club can contact John Sabetta on 0402461166. Players of all ages and Levels are welcome. Training is held on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6.30pm till 8.30pm with Free BBQs held after training Thursday nights.

 A big Thanks to IGA KIARA, JETTS Beechboro, Kennard’s HIRE Midland, Bankwest, Barbaro Bros Butches, Crest Personell, Airstream Components, Sabby Barber shop, West Coast Mable and Granite, Buff man, Oz fit Sports and the CRACOVIA CLUB for Sponsoring the Cracovia Soccer Club. 

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