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Many of us ask ourselves the question, what is the meaning of the Polish Club, Cracovia to all Poles living in Western Australia? Every Polish person, despite the number of years spent outside the mother land, seeks some polish contacts in a new place and very quickly finds the route to the Cracovia Club after their arrival to Perth.

The reason for those contacts can be very different – a chat in polish, some nice dumplings or ox tripe soup, or a cold drink of refreshing “Zywiec” beer on a very hot summer day. Despite the reason, the name of the club makes our hearts jump of excitement and at the same time brings all the nostalgic feelings of the left behind home land. This feeling is not only specific for those who were born on Polish soil. The Club Cracovia is a symbol of polish traditions and culture for generations which were born on the Australian soil or in other parts of the world. We have to pay tribute to those who with their hard work and very often personal sacrifice, created this club.

"Cracovia’s main goal has always been to promote polish culture and traditions and to unite the polish community"

Going through various brochures and bulletins published by Cracovia over the last few years, it is surprising how many various events that were organised by Cracovia, took place on Cracovia premises. An average club member would definitely have problems to list at least half of all events and initiatives that were undertaken by Cracovia in order to meet the requirements of the polish community in Perth and Western Australia. Cracovia’s main goal has always been to promote polish culture and traditions and to unite the polish community, irrelevant to whether somebody belongs to the youngest generation born in Australia, migrated to Australia recently or many years ago. It has been continually drawing on previous achievements and broadening and enriching its scope of activities for the polish community.

Cracovia Club hosts a wonderful array of community events. See our gallery or inquire about joining.

Over the years soccer has lost its importance but it still plays a vital role in club activities. Its popularity is not as strong as it was at the beginning of Cracovia existence but it continues to attract the public to watch friendly games between the months of April and September. It is important that the young generation of the Polish community born in Australia, has an opportunity to utilise sport facilities which are located on the Cracovia Club premises and are owned by the polish community. They can relate to polish sport traditions and be proud of wearing and promoting the Cracovia Soccer Club, red and white colours.

The current look of the Cracovia Club premises is a result of the massive work that was put into it.



A young generation of the polish community and their friends have been attracted to the Cracovia, because of its nice inviting atmosphere, open door policy and an openness of the management to all innovations and good suggestions with the Polish mark.

The management of the Cracovia has been actively promoting and sponsoring young talents. One the many examples of that work is providing access to the main hall for rehearsals for Polish Folk ensemble “Kukuleczka”, which have been promoting polish folklore through traditional Polish dance and music, not only in Western Australia but also in the Eastern States and even overseas. Dance and music are universal and understood by everyone without a need for translation. They are unique in their character, expression, movement and they bring closer the polish spirit and Poland to everyone who is willing to watch and listen.

Productions of the Youth Theatrical Group “Scena 98” under the watchful eye of father Tomasz Bujakowski and in cooperation with the club, have been attracting wide audiences for a number of years and bringing closer classic plays to the polish community.

Popular New Years Eve and St.Andrew Balls organised yearly by the club have already become a well known tradition within the polish community and one of the main points on the Clubs schedule of activities.

Our Facilities

Enjoy some delicious Polish dishes at our restaurant. We serve fresh and traditionally made meals that will satisfy your hunger.

We stock some of Poland's best beers and spirits. Come meet our friendly staff and enjoy some fine Polish beverages.

Are you interested in joining our soccer club? Players of all ages and skill levels are welcome.

Get to know Polish culture through our social groups and our affiliated organisations

Have a relaxing game of Pool with friends or strangers while you enjoy a tasty beverage at our fully stocked bar.

We have a variety of enjoyable events catering to all kinds of people. See our calendar for what is coming up next.

We can host your next private or corporate event. We also provide a number of helpful services to make your next event a success.

Our gallery is full of photos from events and functions at Cracovia Club. Have a browse.

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